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Dear participants at lottery games,

...YES ! there is a possibility to win at these games, all you have to know is how to play!

In 2009 there will be 9 years since we, me together with my team, have started studying these kind of games and after several calculations, number comparisons, extractions, etc. our purpose was to find the key-elements of this games which could help us design a scheme valid every year. However, it is to be mentioned, that we have reached a more than encouraging result.

At the beginning please let us define some important aspects:

  • These systems do NOT rely on dates of birth, on the date of various events, on 'guessed' numbers, superstitions, etc.
  • The systems are NOT based on simplified schemes, on complex schemes, on combined schemes and on other issued suggested by the lottery agencies.
  • The systems used within the game are verified in case of every draw existing in the archive of each game.
  • Each lotto method offered here contains a simple scheme designed for a single player and one or more complex schemes meant for groups of two or more players.

The Reasons for These Statements:

Once ordered these methods you will observe the amount of money you have lost so far because no one told you how to play lottery, no one informed you on the real chances existing and on the possibilities you may benefit of if you follow the playing systems mentioned here!

Quick Results

Mega Millions, Nov.24.09
10, 11, 35, 37, 50 + 12

Powerball, Nov.25.09
4, 13, 18, 49, 59 + 05

Lotto 6/49, Nov.25.09
5,10,16,19,33,47 + 24

Lotto Max, Nov.20.09
2,8,28,30,36,39,42 + 24

EuroMillions, Nov.27.09
5, 8, 13, 15, 33, + 8, 9

UK 49, Nov.25.09
3,6,11,17,23,29 + 44

Lotto 6/49

NEW !!! S1415 system for Lotto 6/49

This system completed on November 10, 2009 is the latest product offered by our team in which means a professional game play at Lotto 6/49! The system will provide the numbers that you need to play and rely on a small investement, so it is accessible to a large mass of players. The system can be applied successfully to a large number of lotteries like: Canada Lotto 6/49, Atlantic 6/49, Quebec 49, Ontario 49, Western 649, BC 49, German - Lotto 6 aus 49, Greek Lotto 6/49, Hong Kong - Mark Six, Massachusetts - Megabucks, New Jersey - Pick Six, Ohio - Classic Lotto, Poland - Lotto, South Africa - Lotto, Spain - La Primitiva, Washington - Lotto, Wisconsin - Megabucks and UK National 6/49.

List of winnings obtained by the new system can be found on page Winnings at 6/49.

An efficient method of playing the lottery, is valid as long as produce important winnings annually, regardless of the period tested.

I advise you to Buy now the winning system offered here according to your lottery game, by paying a tiny price compared to the horizon gain coming up once before you put them into practice.

Here you can find Archives for each lotto games listed here.


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