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Dear lotto players,

...YES ! there is a possibility to win at these games, but beside a little luck, you need to play in a smart and conservative way!

My name is Darius Savin, and I am the manager of this lotto portal.

On you will find the latest lottery results from U.S. and Canada, and also some free winning tips to improve your weekly or monthly earnings.

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If you consider yourself a lucky person, you can simply play your own (lucky) numbers.

Another way of choosing your playing numbers, is by doing your daily routine as usual, and when you see some random numbers on a street sign, on a building, a car or even in a store, use all of them or a combination of those numbers to get your next lottery earning.

Such numbers can turn to be very lucky in some cases, and can worth much more than the numbers provided by a "magic" lottery system or a winning wheel sold by some people.

Quick Lotto results

Mega Millions, Mar.24.17
5, 28, 37, 61, 69 + 1

Powerball, Mar.22.17
2, 9, 27, 29, 42 + 9

Lotto 6/49, Mar.22.17
2,3,5,27,40,46 + 28

Lotto Max, Mar.24.17
16,19,21,32,37,39,45 + 26

Daily Grand, Mar.23.17
20, 27, 34, 43, 47, + GN 4

If you want to win weekly you need to invest small amounts of money in every draw, you can't miss one because your lucky numbers might appear exactly at that draw.

Here you can find Archives for each lotto game listed here.


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